Every attack against the system chips away their arrogance

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Every attack against the system chips away their arrogance

Postprzez yoshin » N lip 12, 2015 12:08 am

I want to encourage people who have understanding of the depravity
of the ‘system’, who have nothing to lose because of age or
other circumstances, are not afraid of possibility of being declared
‘bankrupt’ by the bankrupt system, have health problems -
to do something positive for the humanity when they still can.

On the local level, being Australia, Canada, USA or other countries
we (people of non anglo background) need to have the fight for the respect
and against hidden/subtle discrimination against us to be taken publicly.

Going to courts (under any pretext) teaches those mongrels that ‘courts’
are not safe heaven for them any more, and courts in this rotten, corrupt,
feudal system are the main tool of dominance (only anglos and jews are ‘judges’)
and insults.
As a self-represented person you are ‘an advocate’ – you have the same rights and
legal protection as barristers gave themselves. (I specifically got public confirmation of that
from stooges in court) So you can say anything you want, particularly about those issues
which are kept quiet because it is inconvenient to the ‘system’.
Lawyers will never say anything to seriously contradict ‘judges’ because they are
licenced ‘officers of the court’ and if they tried their licence is taken away and they are
unable to steal money by deception from people like you.
As long as you do not make ‘a physical threat’ you can spit in their faces and if they
try to stop you – show them the exit door (this is what I have been doing).

Only once I had a situation (17.06.2014) when stooge Philip McMurdo tried to stop me
from saying what I wanted to say and when I did not pay attention to his yupping
he run away from the court, called security and I was escorted (‘peacefully’) outside of court.
Soon after, realising that he looked like idiot, he sent a court bailiff to call me back to court
when I was on the street 100 m away from the court.

Do not worry too much about learning about ‘laws’. As I showed I courts most lawyers do not know
about them either, they just make up a story for you and in court the most frequently used phrase is
– ‘your honour is right’ – regardless of what those mongrels are saying.
Too often it is just ad hoc phrase or, as I call it, ‘abra cadabra rule’ – whatever is convenient in
a given situation regardless of other laws and acts of parliament.
Since this is a real mafia rule, other ‘judges’ (eg. appeal) just go along with the new concept and endorse
the breach of laws or absurdity of their mate in ‘the court below’.
Unless you are mentally retarded you should not have problem applying common sense, natural laws,
your own set of values, logic and rationality to what you are fighting for.

Do not be discouraged by little hick ups (as me being called ‘vexatious person’)
Every attack against the system chips away their arrogance.

Some of the issues I have been throwing into their faces
• the lack of respect for the human rights in Queensland;
• racist attitude, discrimination and vilification of people who are not lawyers and
not of anglo origin and who represent themselves in courts;
• denial of the protection by law to such people by dysfunctional courts;
• treatment of such people by ‘public institutions’ and courts as SECOND CLASS CITIZENS;
• use of ‘ABRA CADABRA’ method to ignore valid and rational but ‘inconvenient’ issues;
• creating of TOTALITARIAN REGIME consisting of lawyers who, through stooges
infected various democratic institutions and courts, are controlling Australian society
as a self-professed ‘master breed’;
• enacting of concealed dictatorship when an opinion of an unelected individual
is claimed to be binding to 22 million free people in Australia
(those so called ‘authorities’ in legal proceedings),

Peter Markan

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Powrót do . Dear fellow Australians

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