E-cigerettes in NSW. Stupidity or corruption?

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E-cigerettes in NSW. Stupidity or corruption?

Postprzez Jerzy Ulicki-Rek » Śr sie 09, 2017 11:46 pm

element which could theoretically be linked the e-cigarettes to a tobacco ) is now illegal in our free and democratic country .

Then what ?

Evet time I ask this question I,ve been told :"regulations ..etc"

I don't need a totlally useless bureaucrat to tell me what the regulations say.
Contarrry to many citizens of Australia,victims of so called "education" , I can read and write.
In 4 languages including English.

I want to know why the government is so double faced that on one hand is pretending to encouraged people to quit smoking but at the same time is introducing the regulation making the access to the best REALLY helpful devise almost impossible?

Arrogance ?
Without any doubt

Few weeks ago one of your staffers told me that we can sell the e-cigarettes at Flemington market were we have 4 PERMANENT STALLS.

When I asked her for written confirmation,despite the emails posted I didn't have the honor to receive any answers.
I know that you,politicians lost the contact with reality but -for the apperances sake-please pretend at least.
Theoretically at least you are public servants .
We are the public .
Please remember that your cushy positions depend on our votes on the election day.

Jerzy Ulicki-Rek

To make sure that this letter will not vanish in thin air like my previous email I'm going to publish it on internet as well.
Pro publico bono
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Powrót do . Dear fellow Australians

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