Open letter to Mr.Mick Fuller

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Open letter to Mr.Mick Fuller

Postprzez Jerzy Ulicki-Rek » Cz lip 13, 2017 3:53 am

Open letter to Mr.Mick Fuller
NSW Police Commissioner
in relation to police corruption


Dear Sir

I have to start my letter with a definition of corruption.

According to Webster dictionary corruption is :

a : dishonest or illegal behavior especially by powerful people (such as government officials or police officers) : depravity

b . decay, decomposition the corruption of a carcass

c. inducement to wrong by improper or unlawful means (such as bribery) the corruption of government officials

d : a departure from the original or from what is pure or correct

According to this definition former police commissioner mr.Andrew Scipione office was corrupted.

Please let me explain why do I issue such incredible statement.

But to do it properly i have to back to 26 August 2006
On this particular day ,going back home from work I have been stopped on the road by police car.

With -as I soon realized- 2 very aggressive police officers:McIntrye and Neville
When I realized that their incomprehensible behavior is getting out of control I decided to call 000 ,police line,for help.
While talking to officer from 000 I was attacked again by Neville.
Few minutes later I ended on ground,hand cuffed ,bleeding from the gush on head (Mc.Intyre hit me with his heavy torch), spiting out pieces of my denture and arrested.
In this order.

When delivered to Green Valley police station I was charged with assaulting 2 police officers on duty,resisting arrest plus few other minor charges like:"using faulty language in public" .

The last charge originated in my saying the word "shit" during my conversation with officer from 000.
I told him :"They treat me like shit and i don't like it"
It will be advisable to compare my "faulty language" with probation constable Neville language recorded by my phone before I lost connection.

They let me go in the middle of the night.

First thing I did on the next day was to call 000 to make sure that my call for help was recorded and saved.
I have been told that the call is there and will be there for up to 2 years.

It was incredibly important because I knew that without this call showing clearly who was and who wasn't guilty in this situation I didn't stand a chance in court.

My testimony against statement of 2 police officers was doomed to lose.

However ,few days later when my lawyer called 000 again we discovered that the record of my call for help didn't exist due to:"equipment malfunction"

From that moment on I new that ,despite being innocent,I will be jailed .

I didn't stand any chance at court.

For almost one year ,until the final hearing in court on July 13-th 2007 my life changed into a nightmare.

But then A MIRACLE happened.


Two days later when we entered the court McIntyre and Neville ,unaware that we have the CD, were confident and sure to win.

They testified first .

McIntyre stated that It was me who hit him and as the result of my boxing performance he fall on the tow bar of my van,cracked his tail bone and was out of work for 2 weeks !!!!

My barrister asked him if he can produce the doctors certificate to support his claim.

McIntyre wasn't able to do it of course but he did his best going through a pile of papers he had in front of him.

After they finished their lies my barrister produced the CD I obtained by miracle 2 days earlier.

From that moment on nobody in court had any doubts who is telling the truth.

Because Neville was trying some stupid tricks saying that he can't understand the words judge said:

"Mr Neville,I will play this as many times as necessary to help you"
And we did.

We ended with word for word transcript of those 2 minutes 36 second to make sure that probation constable Neville knew exactly what we talking about.

Case against me was not only dismissed but trashed verbally by judge.

Those 2 bandits in uniforms to protect their brutality were ready to lie in court UNDER THE OATH .
If they they succeeded my life:my family,my business will be ruined and I will end in prison.

In 2010 after the 3,5 years I received a compensation from police.
It didn't even cover my legal cost .

During the next ten years I did my best to bring attention of McIntyre's and Neville's superiors to the fact that those men -to cover their actions - committed a perjury in court.
In vain.
Here we come back to my statement that I accuse mr.Scipione office of corruption.

At least 2-3 times a year during the last 10 years I was trying to make the police commissioner office aware of the fact hat 2 police officers guilty of perjury are still members of police force.

I don't have to tell you Sir that perjury is a very serious crime especially if committed by police officer or government official.

For 10 years my appeal were ignored.

For to last time I asked my question in December 2016 only to get in response:

"Dear Mr Ulicki-Rek,

I acknowledge receipt of your correspondence via the Customer Assistance Unit received today.

In relation to the two officers you claim to have lied in previous court proceedings. Your initial complaint was previously received at the Green Valley Police Station and the complaint was forwarded to the Cabramatta Command for investigation. A full investigation was carried out at that time and finalized. You were advised of the result of the investigation by letter dated the 14th July, 2008.
In light of that and the fact that you do not raise any fresh issues, there will be no further action taken in relation to your correspondence.

"Full investigation" !!
At that time McIntyre's father was in charge of Green Valley police station!!

Even if someone from police bothered to look in to this MATTER ( I don't believe that they did ) AND THEN IGNORED the fact that 2 police officers committed a perjury makes the matter worse.

Today ,exactly 10 years ,to a day, later from the day when McIntyre and Neville committed a serious crime nothing happened.
Apart from McIntyre being promoted to a rank of sergeant.

Let me ask you, Mr.Mick Fuller ,you being a new Police Commissioner, what are you going to with this incredible situation.

This single fact that in country like Australia police officers can escape free from doing what they did put my system of values upside down.

Something like that was a norm in communist Poland I escaped from 37 years ago.
But in Australia ?!

Tomorrow ,once again,I will contact few news papers and channel 7 "Today tonight" to inform them about this incredible story.
I hope that another miracle ( similar to this with my priceless CD ) will happen and I will be able to find someone honest and brave to address this problem.

All I'm asking for is simple justice.

If we are all equal in from of the law why some could be more equal then others?


Waiting for your answer

Jerzy Ulicki-Rek
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Re: Open letter to Mr.Mick Fuller

Postprzez Jerzy Ulicki-Rek » Śr sie 02, 2017 6:12 pm

Today I received an incredible letter from organization who-in theory-should investigate the offenses committed by cops.

According to this piece of garbage cops caught laying under the oath at court didn't commit anything serious enough to be investigated !!!!


Do they have to kill someone?

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Re: Open letter to Mr.Mick Fuller

Postprzez Jerzy Ulicki-Rek » Cz sie 03, 2017 1:25 am

For those who follow this I have more info which will tell them about the country they are living in.
Instead of ANY response from Police Commissioner to my open letter I did have today a visit from 3 police officers( 2 man and 1 woman) who delivered : ... 219&type=3 ... 219&type=3

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Re: Open letter to Mr.Mick Fuller

Postprzez Jerzy Ulicki-Rek » Cz sie 03, 2017 2:27 am

Bellow is a copy of my letter to MICHAELA EVANS,MANAGER,ASSESSMENT AND AUDIT in Law Enforcement Conduct Commision

Dear Mrs.Evans

2 days ago i received a letter signed by you informing me that you organization created 3 weeks ago to root out the police corruption doesn't see anything wrong with 2 police officers who lied at court under the oath to cover their illegal brutality.

I wonder how a person in your position could put her signature to such nonsense.
To make sure that you understand how serious is a perjury especially committed by police officer .
In this last case the social weight of his crime is even bigger.

To help you to understand what are we talking about please let me provide you with some information related to perjure as per Criminal Act :

Perjury in NSW Courts

Filed under Criminal Law, NSW Courts.

Perjury is, put simply, lying in court, and is a very serious offense in NSW. It can be either verbal or written and comes with a 10 year prison sentence, according to the Crimes Act, which is five times longer than the maximum penalty for either common assault or theft.

Anytime you have to give evidence in court, you will have to swear an oath or give an affirmation that you will tell the truth.

But the law deals with dishonesty in the courtroom very severely – anyone who makes a false statement knowingly, or says something they believe is not true, in connection with any judicial proceeding is guilty of perjury.
This includes things even said before a trial has commenced and can be committed by a suspect, or a witness, or anyone else, even police.

Six policemen got caught out recently, after their evidence following a violent arrest was contradicted by CCTV footage which cast considerable doubt over their story. The footage was initially thought to be damaged but it worked well enough when the Magistrate viewed it.

The officers had claimed that Corey Barker, the man arrested on the night, had hit an officer when the reverse was true.

The police wrestled him to the ground, and kicked him in the head. He was then dragged along the floor on his stomach and kept handcuffed in a cell for over an hour.

The charges against Barker, unsurprisingly, were thrown out of court and now the police are the ones who will be appearing before court.

They will all be facing Downing Center Local Court on an array of charges including perjury, assault, perverting the course of justice and fabricating evidence.

But perjury in NSW is not often prosecuted – and perhaps this is because it can be difficult to prove. According to the NSW Police Handbook, a person can only be convicted of perjury in two ways:

If they confess to it; or
If their evidence is proved false by two witnesses or one with corroboration

Marcus Einfield is another person who has been disgraced before the Courts

Situations where perjury may get tricky is if a barrister finds out that their client has committed perjury – while he or she does not have to tell the court, a barrister in this situation can no longer act for their client.

There are some defenses to perjury – duress may be a sufficient excuse but the boundaries of this defense are pretty narrow.

Duress is defined as a present and immediate threat, taking place at the time that the crime (perjury) is taking place. It needs to be of such an extent that the will of the individual is overborne to the extent that it can no longer be said that they are acting voluntarily.

In one old case that remains good law in Australia, one of the two teenage girls who witnessed a fight was threatened by the accused. They told her that if she identified the men in court, they would get her and cut her up. Perhaps not surprisingly, both teenage girls claimed in court not to recognise either of the accused.

While the case was successfully appealed on a procedural matter, the court of appeal held that if you have time to think about committing a crime, an interval before the threat and committing the offense, duress can no longer have been said to take place.

A defense of duress is not likely to be your best bet in this case. However it is also possible to raise a defense if you honestly believed what you were saying was true, or misunderstood the question being asked.

So if you have to face a NSW court soon, either answering to charges or as a witness, being honest in court is really the best thing to do because being caught out lying could end up landing you in a lot of trouble. " END CIT

I hope that after reading this materials you have at last an idea what are we talking about ?

"Perjury is, put simply, lying in court, and is a very serious offense in NSW. It can be either verbal or written and comes with a 10 year prison sentence, according to the Crimes Act, which is five times longer than the maximum penalty for either common assault or theft.

Anytime you have to give evidence in court, you will have to swear an oath or give an affirmation that you will tell the truth.

But the law deals with dishonesty in the courtroom very severely – anyone who makes a false statement knowingly, or says something they believe is not true, in connection with any judicial proceeding is guilty of perjury.
This includes things even said before a trial has commenced and can be committed by a suspect, or a witness, or anyone else, even police."

Do you understand that Mrs.EVANS ?
10 years in jail for commuting a perjury !!!!
That's how serious this crime is considered by our Criminal Act.!!!

And you are telling me that this is not serious?!
Are you insane or already corrupted by the system ?!

Considering all aspects of this matter I demand that your decision will be review by someone who has a better knowledge of the criminal justice.

How could you be a manager in organization created on purpose to deal with crimes committed by police officers ?
I don't have any idea.

But from my point of view such fact is nothing else but a prove how rotten the whole system is.
It looks that you task is not to persecute but PROTECT the criminals in police uniforms.

I will be happy to see that I'm wrong because if I'm right then we live in totalitarian state where police officers are above law.

But..why to pretend that it is otherwise ?
Just to support another illusion of democracy?

Jerzy Ulicki-Rek
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Re: Open letter to Mr.Mick Fuller

Postprzez Jerzy Ulicki-Rek » Śr sie 23, 2017 3:44 pm

RE:Open letter to Mr.Mick Fuller

Police Commissioner


Dear Sir
I would like to inform you that so far i didn't receive an answer to my letter I emailed to You on 13 of July 2017

But apart from that I do have additional and even more important question:

NSW police force has an Australian Business Number which in turn makes the police force a profit orientated business corporation.

ABN - Australian Business Numbers
This post is a listing of Australian Business / Company Numbers with their respective trading names.

NB/: A Private business has an ABN which in turn has NO authority of the Crown.


NSW POLICE FORCE - ABN: 43 408 613 180

Because a private business has NO AUTHORITY OF THE CROWN
I would like to ask you:
who give the right of your company members to arrest me and my wife and charge me with any"crimes" ?

I do not work for your company.
What kind of legal right your organisation has over my life?

I hope that you can answer at least those questions .

I will wait for 28 days before I start legal procedure


Jerzy Rek
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Re: Open letter to Mr.Mick Fuller

Postprzez Jerzy Ulicki-Rek » Śr sie 23, 2017 3:53 pm

I emailed my questions to Police Commissioner office

"Your comments/feedback have been forwarded.

NSW Police Force"

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Re: Open letter to Mr.Mick Fuller

Postprzez Jerzy Ulicki-Rek » Wt lut 06, 2018 12:28 pm

In police state crooks are lawyers ?
Postby Jerzy Ulicki-Rek » 19 Nov 2016 09:12 am

Most of people following this (friends as well as enemies) know very well what happened to me in November 28.2013.
What is less known is this part of the affair related to my wife.

Yesterday after keeping her for almost 3 years on bail and adjourning the case all the time she was sentenced to 2 years in jail with non parole period of 9 months.

To understand this we have to go back in time.

28 November 2013 after my arrest police were not able to prove that I was selling any B guns I bought from (probably agent provocateur) Vietnamese fellow who approached me on the market .
Possession -no doubt.I admitted guilty to this from the beginning but selling-no.

Police officers interrogating me told me that f I plead guilty do selling as well ,they will leave my wife alone.
From the beginning I stated that it was me and me only responsible for the whole affair.

My fault.I should check before I purchased those toys if they are legal or not but it never crossed my mind that SOMETHING LIKE THAT could be classified as "fire arms" or that the 6 mm plastic beans they shoot could be classified as "ammunition" !My fault,I paid the price.


Despite describing my wife as my "fiance" and my co-accuser they didn't arrested her at the same as they arrested me.

They come for her 12 days later.

On that time we were expecting fully legal shipment of goods we normally import :e-cigarettes,vegetable oil to manufacture e-liquid etc.
Shipping documents carried my wife name.

And why not ?!

Why ,for God sake ,should we used fake names in situation were we didn't have anything to hide ?!

Yet this fact was used later against my wife because in the same container (please remember that we didn't order FULL container of goods.In the same container were goods belonging to many different people.) police and customs discovered ALLEGEDLY more BB guns which: "...showed That items were of SIMILAR BRANDS ,STYLES AND COLORS" end cit.

THIS was good enough to charge my wife with "importing etc", arresting her and placing her in jail.

Thanks God after 4 months in goal we were able to arrange her bail and she at least was out of prison.
She had to report 2 times a week to local police station ,not come closer then 5 km to any airport etc

While in jail my wife met another Chinese woman doing long sentence for importing large amounts of heroin to Australia.
This lady recommended a lawyer ANTHONY (TONY) NEWTON FROM ERINA NSW as a "good one"

Not having much choice but having zero practice in such matters my wife and me followed the recommendation.

To cut the long story short: after 13 months working with mr.Newton I had a lot of doubts about his role in whole case.
"Ballistic report " (for toys!))was the first sign that something is funny.

Despite the fact that I pleaded guilty from the beginning my case was adjourned over and over again.
When I asked my "lawyer‘ he was telling me that policeman doing the tests is on holidays etc.
It was a bit funny because I didn't believed that such department employs one person only and that his position warranty him 11 months of holidays per year but..What a heck.
At that time I could only ask and wait.
But when I finally received copy of this "ballistic report" in November 2014 to my surprise I discovered a date 14 of February 2014 printed in upper section.


Read more:

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Re: Open letter to Mr.Mick Fuller

Postprzez Jerzy Ulicki-Rek » Śr lut 07, 2018 9:52 am

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