Bogus candidates for deluded people

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Bogus candidates for deluded people

Postprzez libertarian » Pn kwi 04, 2016 7:50 am

The truly important issues are never even addressed!

By John Kaminski

Most of you know, but you pretend you don’t. The government is not on your side. It never has been.
And the way things are set up, it never will be.
Especially when nearly everyone is too cowardly to talk about the most important issue, that is,
to name the Jew as the cause of this slow motion train wreck now destroying the United States of America.

The government’s animosity toward the population has degenerated to the point where it can set up
an ambush on a snowy Oregon highway with the intent to murder an unarmed patriot who was only
trying to defend Constitutional principles and protest the theft of a farmer’s land by a corrupt
government agency, and then have the killing ruled justifiable by a reckless judge wired into
the criminal cabal in Washington trying to conceal a Presidential candidate’s diabolical maneuver
to illegally sell U.S. uranium deposits to the Russians.
Of course, this kind of perfidy is nothing new. It has always been the basic modus operandi of American history.

Ordinary people have been judged guilty before they could be charged since before the first
Kennedy assassination; some say the people were declared permanently guilty in the federal bankruptcy
of 1933 when the government used them as collateral to sell America to the International Monetary Fund.

Others insist it happened long before that, when Lincoln cashed in the Constitution in order
to enforce the ripoff of the Confederacy; and still others insist the people have never been
in control of their U.S. government, not even on that day Patrick Henry refused to go to Philadelphia
because he felt the Constitution was a fraud.

In any case, we surely are not in control of our government today — of this there is no doubt.
All that money we send to slick talking candidates who promise to defend our interests is now
and always has been for nothing. Only the rich who can bribe with millions control the politicians,
making all the irrelevant rhetoric of our deeply flawed presidential candidates all the more
preposterous as it assails our ears from the pursed lips of our prostituted media pundits.

The so-called hero of the current presidential campaign has galvanized people desperate for
a relevant hero into believing construction of a giant wall on the Mexican border somehow
is the answer to all things that besiege us in this watershed election year of 2016.

However, it has been my observation in every presidential election year that all the major
candidates are prescreened by the bankers and guaranteed not to reveal the major secrets
that enslave society. This is compounded by an equally obvious fact that the major obstacle
to peace and tranquility are the candidates themselves who are chosen by and beholden
to the bankers, and their corrupt efforts come at the expense of the American people.

Let me be clear about this — the major threat to the American people are the candidates
themselves and the corrupt government they presume to represent. Which of course makes
our corrupt elections certain exercises in futility. This has gone on so long the American people
have come to believe this situation — pre-elected Jewish favored candidates compounded
by computerized fixed elections — is normal and healthy.
Worst of all in all the presidential elections is that the real issues are never — and I mean
absolutely never — discussed.

Billionaire casino mogul Donald Trump has captivated the masses by seizing on the unease
expressed by longtime Americans who see runaway immigration gobbling up jobs,
destabilizing communities and overstressing law enforcement and medical systems.

Perhaps most shocking is that all his opponents and all of the major mainstream media
accuse Trump of betraying their corrupt American system — the one that exports wars
around the world and funnels its jobs to Third World countries to maximize the profits
of the rich and pauperize the lives of its honest taxpayers — to the point where assassination
is recommended for the one candidate who seems somewhat interested in the welfare of ordinary people.

Simply on the basis the opposition emanating by proven criminals Trump seems an easy choice
for any conscientious voter with a passing knowledge of America’s criminal history in the 20th century.

But despite his pinpointing of the epidemic immigration of destitute Third World criminals
as an issue critical to America’s survival, even Trump won’t go near the truly profound issues
facing the American people, which are:

1. A proper investigation and prosecution of the perpetrators of the 9/11 debacle,
which were not Arab hijackers but Jewish American billionaires, who control the White House,
the Congress, the banking establishment and all the other major professions in the country.

This probe would also result in the dismantling of the Department of Homeland Security,
which under the aegis of criminal Attorneys General and corrupt judges, has allowed widespread
criminality by the government itself under Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama, and jailed
millions of innocent people who have committed no substantive crimes.

2. This false flag deceit has led to the expense of trillions of dollars fighting irrelevant wars
against innocent countries for the purpose of stealing their resources and killing those who
oppose Jewish worldwide financial hegemony, resulting in the pauperization of the American people
and funneling of trillions to Israel and their outlaw minions throughout the world.

It was bad enough when the government invented Al-Qaeda as an all-purpose enemy that
could be blamed for 9/11 yet used an ally against Serbia and Libya, but the funding of ISIS
by the U.S. and then sending U.S. troops to fight them represents an all-time low in
the integrity of the American government as well as an all-time low in the gullibility of the American people.
When a government funds its own enemies, no one is safe.

3. One area presidential candidates have absolutely refused to discuss has been the approval
of poisoned food manufactured by producers of poison chemicals and the failure to identify
poison medicines which have already ravaged younger generations with autism and other maladies,
giving rise to certain identification of an evil policy of white genocide and population reduction
in order to further consolidate vicious, conscienceless Jewish control of the world.

Certainly no candidate has dared discuss this epidemic of murders of conscientious doctors
who have discovered the presence of cancer-causing agents in government approved vaccines,
or the vaccines given to girls that prevent their ability to have normal children when they grow up.

4. The government has put a total clampdown on information pertaining to the pollution of the atmosphere.
While officials prattle on about carbon taxes, no candidate dares to address the longterm
effect of the Fukushima disaster or the overstressed situation of U.S. nuclear plants,
75 percent of which have been found to be leaking

Leaking nuke plants contribute to rising cancer rates, which is great for the cancer industry
and Big Pharma criminals

5. Jewish control of the world is already markedly identifiable by the cynical changes in college
curricula that emphasize the practice of social perversions over the mastery of classical sciences.
Taken down to the earlier levels of education, the institution of dumbed down courses, easier grading,
and massive levels of student loan debt guarantees a future populations of unequipped,
financially strapped morons unable to fend for themselves except by depending on their
government welfare checks under the condition of not objecting to totalitarian, regressive
and destructive government programs.

6. While candidates continue to rage on about the moral failings of their opponents,
none are seriously discussing the condition of America’s money supply, which is the No. 1 issue
on the minds of the American people.

Only Ellen Brown, that we know of, and her plan to finance a series of public state banks,
seems willing to advance a sensible proposal, but since the corrupt powers that be are dependent
on the widespread graft that keeps them in business, no presidential candidate is likely
to ever discuss this issue, as long as the wholly Jewish owned, foreign controlled,
Federal Reserve system remains in control of America’s money supply, charging us daily
for the use of our own money and forcing America deeper and deeper down the sewer of Jewish perfidy.

In the meantime, media reports remind us that when it comes time to attempt to balance
the books on America’s Jewish-fouled finances, debts relating to derivatives must by law
be paid off first, leaving nothing for the people and businesses who are about to have their
bank accounts stolen by the Jews who control America and the world.

Current candidates for president don’t talk about any of these realistically pressing issues,
and the retarded mainstream media nor most retarded mainstream Americans don’t press them on it.
You can’t expect pathological criminals to give themselves up, can you?

So it really doesn’t matter who you vote for. All these candidates are devoted to supporting
the criminal Jewish status quo, to continue the wars for Israel and the pillaging of the emaciated
carcass of the moribund American republic.

Until this practice is stopped cold — and widely discussed by America’s erstwhile politicians —
neither you nor America has a legitimate future in which freedom and liberty may be practiced,
and the world’s problems may be freely and legitimately discussed.

On this basis every elected government official now serving should be assailed and attacked
unmercifully for their complicity in treason and the willful destruction of both the United States
of America and the world as we know it.

No exceptions. Any politician unwilling to telling the truth about 9/11 should be taken out and
beaten to a pulp, or worse. The time for petitions and/or civil discourse is long past.
The fate of the world hangs in the balance, the criminal perpetrators of all these crimes
against humanity are well known, and any delay in exacting justice against these pathological villains
can only be judged an unforgivable sin.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out
why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise.
Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail:
6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. ...

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