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Gloria in excelsis Deo

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Gloria in excelsis Deo: A Russian Soldier’s Heroic Sacrifice
By Richard Edmondson on April 1, 2016
Слава Богу в вышних

Blood and human lives, in large amounts, were sacrificed in the retaking of Palmyra.
According to one report, more than 180 soldiers with the Syrian Army and their allied forces
were killed in the fighting. Doubtless among these are plenty of examples of courage and sacrifice,
but one story seems to be emerging above all others–that of Aleksandr Prochorenko.

At just 25 years of age, Aleksandr, a Russian Special Operations officer, was sent into Palmyra
in advance of the military drive to liberate the city. His job? To identify ISIS positions and to pass
their coordinates along to command for purpose of airstrikes. His was an operation of stealth,
and it appears that he entered the city with a small number of other Russian soldiers.
Reports of Russian deaths in Palmyra began to surface in the media in mid-March following claims made
in a statement released by ISIS. A website sympathetic to the group referred to “fierce battles
around Palmyra city” that ostensibly left five Russian soldiers dead on March 16 and 17.
The body of one of the Russians reportedly was shown in a video. 1)

Was this the same group that Aleksandr was part of? My guess would be yes. Exactly what happened
is difficult to piece together, but apparently on March 18, Aleksandr found himself completely surrounded
by terrorists, most of them probably high on captagon and screaming “Allahu Akbar.” 2) Aleksandr did
what was necessary to rescue the situation. He called in an airstrike–on himself. The Russian missile
killed him along with, most likely, a good number of the screaming Wahhabis.
Aleksandr hailed from the village of Gorodki, roughly 80 miles from the Russian city of Orenburg.
According to a report here (in Russian), his family was informed of his death on March 19.
“As is customary, the military thanked the parents for having brought such a son,” it says, informing us
also that Aleksandr had attended the Military Academy of air defense in Smolensk. (A somewhat
revised English version of the report can be accessed here.)

Russian soldiers in Syria are obviously well-trained. But perhaps even more important than that,
they are highly motivated. Motivation is important, nay, crucial in war. And it only comes from
knowing precisely what you are fighting and why. Russian soldiers know that in ISIS they are battling
an evil and malevolent scourge of hideous proportions, this not only in terms of its rank and file recruits
but also with regard to the world leaders backing this demonic, hoodlum army. The Russians are exposed
to truth through their media, and they have confidence in their country’s leadership.
Vladimir Putin’s approval rating in Russia is near 90 percent.

Contrast this to US troops, who, when sent into military ventures in various countries usually haven’t
the faintest clue as to why they are there other than the ersatz pretexts voiced to them by their commanders,
a good many of whom are regarded as lunatics.
Recently Veterans Today Senior Editor Gordon Duff made a telling observation about US pilots currently
on mission in Syria. He writes that they have been observing Russian planes “wipe out targets that
America had missed or overlooked or that, according to American pilots, they weren’t allowed to hit.”

Duff goes on to add:
American pilots can bomb, they have the experience, they have the equipment but for some reason,
at least to each other and those they trust, they will tell you, against ISIS it has always been “hands off.”
Not so for Russia. For day after day, Russian pilots hit command posts, training camps, wiped out convoys
Americans claimed they didn’t see, ammunition storage, and eventually the thousands and thousands
of oil trucks American pilots had been begging to attack for months.

Not only were American officials presumably unable to spot the oil truck convoys, but they
“didn’t lift a finger” to prevent ISIS from capturing Palmyra, says Bouthaina Shaaban, political advisor
to Syrian President Bashar Assad. 3)
“Those who really want to fight terrorism must respond to President Putin’s call and help
the Syrian Arab Army and its allies such as Russia, Iran and Hezbollah,” said Shaaban.
On Good Friday, the Syrian Arab Army’s “Tiger Forces,” backed by Hezbollah and Syrian marines,
broke through ISIS defenses and entered Palmyra–and on Easter Sunday the city known as
the “Pearl of the Desert” was completely secured. Evil suffered a set back. US forces, though
ostensibly in Syria to fight ISIS, apparently gave no assistance in the effort.

One website posted a banner reading “Happy Easter from the Syrian Armed Forces,” and indeed
much of the world was jubilant, for there was hope that something could yet be salvaged of Palmyra’s
once-magnificent antiquities.
“For one year, Palmyra has been a symbol of the cultural cleansing plaguing the Middle East,”
proclaimed UNESCO Director Irina Bokova in a statement welcoming the liberation. “The dynamiting
and pillage of its treasures, to break an entire society, sparked a unanimous indignation and
strengthened the unprecedented mobilization in favor of the values that unite all humanity.” 4)

Another statement welcoming the liberation was introduced in draft form by Russia at the UN,
but at this point Western leaders apparently felt it necessary to mount their true colors.
The statement was blocked.
“We are not so much surprised and disappointed by the position of Western colleagues as puzzled
by their true intentions in regard to peaceful settlement in Syria,” Russian Foreign Ministry
Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told reporters on Wednesday. 5)
“We thought that the delay of reaction from the Western capitals on Palmyra’s liberation
was a coincidence. Now it is evident that this is part of a systematic approach,” she added.

Calling it a “systematic approach” is not an overstatement of the situation, and of course
the Zionist media are, as always, a factor in that equation. On Wednesday Foreign Policy magazine
published an article headlined, “Putin’s Attack Helicopters and Mercenaries are Winning the War
for Assad,” in which the Russian leader was accused of spreading “lies and distortions”and of endeavoring
to crush “Western-backed moderate Syrian rebel groups.” The writer, James Miller, concocts
the theory that Russia’s goal all along has been to “ensure that a popular uprising was crushed,
a democratic movement discredited, and a Shiite puppet state propped up.” Presumably Miller
prefers the Wahhabi state of Saudi Arabia, though of course he doesn’t openly say so, nor does
he bother to mention that the Syrian government under Assad has protected Christians and
other religious minorities in the region. 6)

Foreign Policy magazine, by the way, was founded by Samuel Huntington, the progenitor of
the “clash of civilizations” theory. That a Zionist, neocon news outlet would accuse a man
like Putin of “lies and distortions” is not merely a case of blatant caviling. It borders upon the felonious.
We are now of course less than four months away from the two major-party conventions this summer,
and just seven months out from the election itself. Should Hillary Clinton win the presidency,
I suspect a war with Russia will become a foregone conclusion. Hillary’s comparison of Putin to Hitler
is not the only reason I say this. Her personality is the other reason.

Mrs. Clinton strikes me as someone who could easily be manipulated by the Zionists in the State
Department, much more so than Donald Trump. The latter, for all his shameless pandering to AIPAC,
is probably less likely to be finagled or cajoled into a war with Russia than Clinton. “America is
a thing you can move very easily.” So said Benjamin Netanyahu famously in 2001. A Hillary Clinton
presidency, should such come to pass, could well see those words borne out more precariously and
dangerously than under any previous predecessor in the White House.

But at any rate, to return to the subject of Syria. The bottom line–it appears as if US forces sat on
their haunches and didn’t lift a finger to help free Palmyra, and if that is the case, it begs the question:
why are American troops even in Syria at all?

The answer is the same answer that always comes to the fore anytime our country gets involved
in another conflict in that part of the world: Israel. Whether the stated claim is eliminating WMDs in
Iraq or assisting a supposed “democratic movement” in Syria, the real objective is always the same:
furthering the interests of Israel. In an article published on Easter Sunday, VT Managing Editor
Jim Dean took America’s military and intelligence communities to task for not stepping forward
to correct the treasonous path our political leaders have steered us upon–and for wanting nothing
more than to “continue getting a paycheck, advancement and our applause for defending the country.”

He added:
They would say that the public’s awareness of Israeli espionage would destroy public trust in government
to such a degree as to be in itself a threat to our national security, which is of course is just a cheap
cover, and bull pucky.

They want to hide that our own security people have been criminally negligent in not providing
the citizens with critical information to fix an ongoing National Security threat.
So these folks have their reason for copping out. They want political power. They are a few years
from retirement and nice big six figure consulting contracts in defense… $5,000-per-month expense
accounts, etc. They want to be bought off because they see it as their right — to follow those who
have gone before them and been lauded for it by their peers and the sheepeople.
So on this Easter Day, think of your country nailed to the cross and the words “God forgive them,
for they know not what they do.” In the situation I have described, they DO know what they have done.

So why don’t we Americans treat them as such? Why don’t we see that not doing so undermines
our children ever doing anything about it because they have no examples to follow in this regard,
and we have allowed them to be brainwashed from birth?
Thankfully for Russian soldiers, they don’t have to contend with any of this. When they are sent
to war it is for reasons which are clearly and forthrightly articulated. And when they die it is in
the interests primarily of their own country, or else humanity as a whole, rather than the narrow
interests of a genocidal, apartheid state that finishes off moribund prisoners with a gunshot to
the head as we saw occur in Israel last week.

And so a Russian hero, in the service of what is decent, went above and beyond the call of duty.
And the world owes him its thanks. But instead, Western leaders couldn’t seem to bear even
a simple statement acknowledging what he and his fellow combatants had achieved.
You might be interested to know that Aleksandr, who has been dubbed “the Russian Rambo,”
wasn’t the first in his family to choose military service. He is in fact described as having been
“born into a family of servicemen,” and he and his younger brother, Ivan, were both serving as soldiers.

In his speech before the UN on September 28, 2015, Putin talked about the “export of revolutions”
by Western countries seeking to overthrow governments they don’t like in favor of ones who would
adopt policies more favorable to the West, all of course done in callous disregard for the consequences–
and the Russian leader was honest enough to call this practice what it is: a disaster for humanity.
Rather than bringing about reforms, an aggressive foreign interference has resulted in a brazen destruction
of national institutions and the lifestyle itself. Instead of the triumph of democracy and progress,
we got violence, poverty, and social disaster. And nobody cares a bit about human rights, including the right to life.

At this point, Putin posed a rhetorical question to the Western leaders who’ve been carrying out
these destructive policies–a question which has since continued to ring around the world:
“I can’t help asking those who have forced this situation: do you realize now what you’ve done?”
The answer to that of course is, yes, they do. ... sacrifice/

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