Gagging at the circus of killer clowns

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Gagging at the circus of killer clowns

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Zero chance for peace from totally corrupt crop of presidential wannabes
By John Kaminski

I know we shouldn't put too much faith in the results of an Iowa caucus, seeing that one year citizens
of that Cornbelt state gave an overwhelming victory to an inane Arkansas ex-governor named Mike Huckabee,
whose most infamous gaffe was defending a politician who suggested there actually was a category
called legitimate rape.

That was 2008. In 2012, Iowa caucusers got even stupider, and made their choice Rick Santorum,
a Bible-thumping dodo who became infamous for telling rape victims to make the best of a bad situation.
But seeing Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, the New World Order's dream ticket, gang up on outsider
Donald Trump and win the Iowa caucus once again bodes poorly for anyone seeing the faintest
trace of hope that this 2016 slate of candidates would offer some possibility of either honesty or sanity.

The idea put forth by some that Microsoft manipulated the recent Iowa vote to deprive Trump of his
predicted victory is about as relevant as noting that in the 2000 election when Bush the Younger won
the Florida vote by 537 votes, and among Al Gore's vote totals was the striking official number of minus 17,000
votes in Volusia County, an abomination that was allowed to stand.

For the fact is, Gore has proven as immoral a tyrant as Bush, and eight years later, billionaire Mitt Romney
would have been at least as aggressive in Obama in presiding over criminal invasions of nearly helpless countries,
as well as the fleecing and poisoning of the American electorate.
And I don't know how much better Trump would be, who once made a campaign ad for Benjamin Netanyahu,
as he talks about building up America's mighty criminal military.

I don't know how far back you have to go — perhaps to JFK? — to find a president who was actually working
for the best interests of the American people. All the others took their orders from the same kind of people
who are running the show today, rich Jewish billionaires like Sheldon Adelson and George Soros who have
convinced generations of American males to bend over and pucker up for kosher cash.

There is no shortage of absurd anomalies that render the U.S. presidential race as nothing more than
a TV game show of the lowest order which most Americans unbelievably continue to believe is serious business.
This is how depressingly superficial American citizens have become. One need only consider that
for the last 16 years, closet homosexuals have lived in the White House, and for eight years before that
a serial philanderer lived there with his lesbian wife who is now herself running for president
(if she can successfully avoid indictment for a seemingly limitless number of crimes).

Perhaps deepest in the bowels of America's ugliest secrets is the cabal of doctors, judges and
health administrators who funnel children into the dirty hands of rich men. Thousands every year.
This is even more secret than the 9/11 coverup, poison medicines protected by laws, and the trashing
of the environment that makes sickos rich and those who would be healthy surrounded by new diseases
that are invented nonstop by those who contribute to all political candidates.

It's awfully difficult to raise honest children in this immoral environment, particularly when
the school systems have long been taken over by Jews enthusiastically eager to progressively diminish
school curricula down to autistic levels, and redirect the emphasis of college educations to transsexualism,
child molestation and money laundering.
One may measure the dramatic decline in the integrity of America by the pathological presence
of these disgusting perverts in positions of power.

And one may also gauge the amoral self-destructiveness of America's younger generations and their
ever growing drug addiction as a direct result of gutter behavior of U.S. leaders over the past few decades.

It is preposterously laughable that casino magnate Donald Trump is the most moral candidate in the 2016 race.
This is the horrifying level to which the USA has sunk. The Donald himself is only an amusing illusion,
because the one lethal fact still stares us in the face — every single announced candidate in all the major parties
will hasten our day of destruction, continue the murderous policies of their predecessors, and continue
down the bloody path dictated by the Jewish world plantation owners of trading lives for money.
And that would be trading OUR lives for OUR money.

We're so desperate for good political news that at least we can cheer the pathetic performance of Jeb Bush,
hopefully the last of his ignoble line of pervert traitors, who resorted to paying feckless Iowans $25 per head
to show up at his rally before the caucus, an effort which gained him 3 percent of the vote. Of course a number
of people who attended claimed they didn't get paid, which fits right in with an American population who insist
they didn't get their money's worth either out of either Bush presidency.

And we can roll our eyes at the news that Marco Rubio was a gay boy in a chorus line before marrying
an NFL cheerleader to demonstrate his hetero credentials. At least it was not a man he married!
But if elected president, he would be the third fag inhabitant of the White House in a row, sending
a wonderful message to the young boys of America that the decrepit Jewish pederasts in charge of the U.S.
political process would thoroughly enjoy.

As someone who once, as a little boy, saw Harry Truman drive past his house in a yellow Buick convertible
while campaigning for Adlai Stevenson, I have yet to see one presidential administration that was not
utterly corrupt and utterly intent on betraying the American electorate so they could be enriched by
their Jewish masters.

Yes, you could exclude JFK from that list had he not stolen his election with the help of the Chicago machine,
a machine now ruled by the Jewish henchman Rahm Emanuel who has taken the guns from the people
and elevated his city's murder rate to an all time high, just the way the Jews want it, just like Palestine, really.

The intent of all these bought-off politicos, we can see now as we are overun by Third World savages interested
only in plunder, was to destroy the United States so everyone could come under the control of the Jewish corporations,
which is the situation we see before us today.

No benefits, no overtime, no decent place to go home to, medical bills you can never pay.
The way Jews want America to be, and all sorts of bogus candidates eager to achieve that objective.

The litmus of legitimacy
On our present course, Americans will never regain their freedom, if a president is not elected who
will provide definitive answers to the following questions that remain unanswered.

1. Who planned, executed and covered up the 9/11 disasters? The undeceived among us know for sure it was
the Jewish overseers who control the government, the money and the law enforcement apparatus in the United States.

But now another generation has passed through the public school metal detectors, fed on the lies of the neocons,
the Communists and the LGBT automatons. An endless series of contrived false flag atrocities have manipulated
the lesser lights among us into believing that we should relinquish our weapons and trust in the government
to protect us.

Doctors are the worst of these lesser lights. They are still telling us that flu shots are good for us when
everybody knows they are killing us, just like the Tdap vaccine is suspected as the culprit in the so-called
Zika epidemic.

Doctors say that's absurd. But can you believe them? <
But then, doctors are about as trustworthy as politicians, right?

We should all ask a veteran about these promises, if we can find one who hasn't committed suicide or is not
a drug addict. He will tell you that every veteran of every war is eventually betrayed by his own government.
Check under your local bridges and find out for yourself.

2. Has our government been replaced by a corporation, and is that why we can't get decent services anymore?

This is a question that has come to the fore in the midst of the chaotic events in Oregon. The BLM, the FBI,
the IRS and all other so-called government agencies are really private corporations, beyond the control
of the American people, and owned by the European bankers (which is a euphemism, of course, for the Jews).

Did the events of the Civil War, the disappearance of the original 13th amendment, the incorporation
of the District of Columbia in 1871, the Santa Clara decision of 1886, the Federal Reserve Act of 1913,
and the bankruptcy of American and confiscation of everyone's gold in 1933s mean that we no longer
have a government. The Rothschilds think so. They just tried to buy America, claiming nobody owned it.

Is this brouhaha the argument that could finally remove the Jewish owned tyrants from power in the United States?
This is the third straight story in which I have mentioned this, seemingly our last and best chance for freedom.

We are the owners of America. Will we continue to the let the Jews and their psycho homo politicians steal it from us?
When will you start to pay attention?

3. Is the United States now a vassal of Israel, controlled by Jews from start to finish?
You saw the travesty of Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to Congress and all the American politicians groveling at his feet.

You know that every major media outlet and movie studio in the U.S. is owned by Jews, you know that the Jews
have gained control of every major university in the country by their colossal donations, and you know —
if you dare to remember — that the Jews hire the U.S. to do their killing for them all over the world.

And yet Obama, and all the candidates running for president, know that the U.S. and its Jewish allies
are funding the ISIS insurgency destroying the nation of Syria and now even turning up in Afghanistan.
Injured ISIS fighters go to Israel for medical treatment, did you know?

So here we are, gagging at the circus of killer clowns, watching our politicians snuggle up to the weirdo
Wailing Wall in Israel, and mingle with the killers we hired to destroy nation after nation at the behest
of the nastiest, most brutal group of psychotic killers ever seen on this planet.

Now, let's see. Who are you going to vote for? Hmm. Too bad Rick Santorum dropped out. Maybe we can send him
some Muslim refugees to live in his backyard, just like all the other candidates plan to do for us.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out
why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise.
Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail:
6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. ...

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