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Another player in the background

Postprzez libertarian » So gru 19, 2015 7:29 am

Turkey’s PKK fights for Diyarbakir, capital of the United States of Kurdistan

NWO power-mongers must be satisfied with the developments on the “Greater Kurdistan” front,
which is a crucial part of the divide-and-conquer, destroy-and-rebuild Greater Middle East Project.
Yes, the Kurds will fight for a common cause with the right incentive, and yes, the Kurds may eventually
tear each other apart.

At the centre of it all, the NWO continues to steal regional energy resources while selling/providing
billions of dollars of their weaponry to all fighting sides.

Stretching down to Baghdad and sitting on a pile of oil the “autonomous” Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government
is fully established with Masoud Barzani, who’s entire clan is getting richer by the day in the caring hands of his US,
European and Israeli nannies.

Ethnic dispersal of Turkmen and other minorities is complete and hundreds of imported Kurdish families
have taken over their lands. Interestingly Turkey’s leader Erdogan did not move a finger to stop this tragedy for years,
but when Russia blew his cover by bombing his Sunni militia inside the Syrian border the Turkmen were suddenly kin again.

Syrian Kurdistan is well on the way with the Kurdish PYD pushing hard to the Mediterranean, and ISIL “conveniently”
clearing the way and leaving the rubbles to the PYD as was the case with Kobane. The PYD is the golden-boy
of the moment with support from Coalition countries as well as from Russia and the Far East. Seemingly independent
the PYD is the Syrian arm of the militant PKK in Turkey, which itself has been wreaking havoc for decades
at the bidding of the global chaos elite.

Incidentally, has Erdogan figured out why his “ally” the USA and his “enemy” Russia are both supporting the PYD
and thus the PKK in the staged fight against ISIL in Syria? If so, should be having serious doubts about his popularity
in the world and even taking precautions in case the powers that be decide to write him off?

On the same note, Erdogan and his rhetoric aside, US support and supply of arms to the PYD in Syria is not going down well
with the Turkish public amid fears that these weapons may fall into the hands the PKK in Turkey.
In contrast, Russia’s open support of the PYD fighting against ISIL, even with the recent Turkmen propaganda,
is generally accepted as fighting global terrorism.

The remaining Kurdish piece of the NWO Middle-East blood-borders map is Turkish Kurdistan, namely some
200,000 square kilometres of Eastern Turkey that is roughly one quarter of the country. Created by its
jailed leader Abdullah Ocalan, the PKK and its “freedom” fighters have been working to that end
with their 40-year insurgency in Turkey, which has claimed tens of thousands of lives.

The PKK represents a long line of Kurdish insurgence in Turkey going back to Ottoman times, with uprisings
instigated by Western powers ending in humiliation and execution for treason. Riding on the wave of regional
Kurdish independence and the usual blessing from Western powers, the PKK is hoping to change the course of history.

Decades of inept and corrupt governance resulting in rampant poverty, unemployment and human rights violations
in the southeastern provinces, has given the PKK a constant base of disgruntled youth to exploit.
It is also closely tied to the Kurdish Mafia’s powerful drug and gun-running, human-trafficking and extortion network
that is the bane of Turkish authorities and Europol in Europe, so money for advanced weaponry has never been a problem.

The city of Diyarbakir is the PKK’s elected capital, it is the heart of the secessionist movement and supporters fantasize
about making it the capital of all Kurdistan. Now there is all out war going on there between the Turkish Armed Forces
and Security Forces bent on eradicating the PKK, which in turn is fighting for “democracy and freedom”.

The streets of Diyarbakir are burning with PKK militants fighting dirty street-battles and making deadly use
of sniper power. There are ditches and IED’s everywhere and Turkish security forces are doing house-by-house searches
trying to secure neighbourhoods. The streets show the signs of heavy explosions and munitions damage,
while the presence of death is evident in the pools of drying blood.

kurdistan1.jpg (418.74 KiB) Przeglądane 1786 razy

Provincial Governors in Eastern Turkey are accustomed to ordering curfews as the fighting often gets out of control.
Life in many cities in the region has either been seriously disrupted or come to a halt as the battles rage on.
Masked Kurdish youth are also acting up in different locations with pyrotechnics and firebombs, and tear gas
has become a permanent fixture as security forces respond to attacks. Many shops are empty or shuttered
and there is wide-spread panic as residents are caught in the middle.

Families are fleeing the region in droves and as many as 300,000 Turkish citizens, mostly of Kurdish origin,
are seeking refuge in western provinces. Given the present Kurdish population in the EU and the Kurdish Mafia’s
lions share of human trafficking in Europe, a large wave of Kurdish refugees can be expected to hit the EU soon.

The map of recent Kurdish uprisings in Turkey clearly reveals the borders claimed by the PKK for Turkish Kurdistan.
The PKK has a cause, a trained and disciplined flexible army and it is waging war on all fronts using an extensive range
of dirty guerrilla tactics in the field and in urban areas, including remote controlled bombs and suicide missions with women.

On the other side, the Turkish Military and Security forces are routinely using their full arsenal of ground
and air fire-power against the PKK with regular seek and destroy missions in Northern Iraq as well.

Many of the elite units of both forces are present in the area in large numbers. Some of their ranks have taken up
Islamic glory names that they spray as graffiti in the streets and they post pictures of these and PKK kills with
nationalist/Islamist hate messages on the social media.

Although the PKK has taken a heavy pounding, losses on both sides and civilian casualties for 2015 are now counted
in the thousands. Yet it persists in its final advance to victory with blessings from the global domination elite
and their intelligence services in the US, Europe and Israel.

The PKK leadership is aware of the games being played over their heads, but they are intent on carving out
a country of their own and they want to put an end to 40 years of fighting with no tangible results.

With the death-toll reaching record levels in recent months, Erdogan’s anti-PKK nationalist propaganda is fooling
fewer people. The exposure of his secret deal for supreme Presidency with jailed PKK boss Ocalan is also fresh
in the minds of the Turkish public.

Despite his extensive media propaganda, Erdogan’s popularity is on a slide. He floundered after downing
the Russian SU-24 and his ratings on the Kurdish problem and the war to end the PKK are not faring well.
His credibility is further overshadowed by his unpredictability and his aptitude at contradicting himself.

The NWO Holy Crusaders are content as their planned chaos spreads in Eastern Turkey. It is part of the planned
regional chaos where everybody kills each other and they take over. They profit from war. Tens of billions of dollars
have been spent in the fight against ISIL, which itself uses seized or supplied weapons financed by the West.
It is all part of the global arms racket run by the NWO, worth hundreds of billions of dollars annually.

And they also profit from peace. The cost to rebuild Syria is currently estimated to be around 250 billion USD.
Who will get these contracts and in return for which long-term oil deals that will keep Syrians in debt for generations?
Is this not Iraq all over again? As it continues to make galactic profits and to gain control over more countries,
the NWO ensures that Armageddon enfolds to welcome the Messiah.

… by Ray Kamens, VT Bureau Chief Ankara

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