Slaughter is a Jewish sport

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Slaughter is a Jewish sport

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Israelis desperately trying to start a truly cataclysmic World War 3


By John Kaminski

The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.
— Mel Gibson

After futzing around with lame alternative explanations that no retard would seriously believe — though
many Americans actually did — Israel finally has admitted one of its missiles shot down a Russian passenger jet
during recent war games with the United States. Then, even with Russian troops situated all over the neighborhood,
the Israelis bombed Damascus for good measure, although mainstream media conveniently omitted mentioning this event,
as they typically do with obvious Jew atrocities.

Is this the Jews' clumsy way of repaying Russia for thwarting the their false flag terrorists in Syria, yes, the ones Obama
kept missing with his U.S. bombs, as U.S. weapons, vehicles and supplies "just happened to fall into the hands"
of those "good" rebels intent on overthrowing the Syrian president, who just happens to be wildly popular with his own people?

Or is this just the continuing effort by Jews to eagerly start World War 3, and to demonstrate the complete insanity
of the Jewish philosophy in which these kosher murderers, these Yiddish perverts who have subverted all the Western nations
with their filthy lucre animating deranged narcissistic politicians, think they can emerge from unscathed and in charge of
a smoldering worldwide graveyard they have worked so hard to create?

The Israelis want the whole world to look like Gaza (4,000 dead Palestinians in the month of October alone), and the U.S.
government, dominated by Jewish traitors, thinks that's an excellent idea, which is why it is trying to increase
the $3 billion per year gift that Israel typically receives from the United States.

The situation in in Syria is just like the deal with Muammar Qaddafi, who was wildly popular with his own people,
but once the gay mulatto American president said Qaddafi was a bad man, the Jewish American war machine turned
his country into a smashed landfill, whose refugees now pour into Italy and Greece, overwhelming those already
impoverished countries, wrecking the lives of the peaceful inhabitants of Europe, who don't have the guts to even defend
their own countries from this deranged invasion.

How long will it be before the Europeans realize that if they want to save their countries, they will have to take up arms
to repel these endless invaders? And how long will it be before that message reaches America, now that our
schools and cities are being overrun by savages who don't speak English?

It's a new way of making war, for sure. The same thing has been happening in Syria that happened in Libya. Y'know,
Press TV once called me up and asked me to comment on what would happen to Syria. This was in the early days of
the Western invasion, before ISIS, or ISIL, or DAESH — whatever you want to call them, the U.S.-Saudi Arabia band
of unspeakably cruel outlaws — had gotten all the press they have have received recently.

I answered quickly. I said, "The same thing that happened to Libya will happen to Syria." And they hung up on me.
I don't know what's up with Press TV. Like so many other news outlets, they won't speak openly, unabashedly, about Jews.
About the ingrained evil that is present in the minds of all Jews.

No matter how hard they try to spin their "progressive" concern for other people, Jews can't escape their demonic Talmudic
programming, which commands them to treat everyone not possessed of the same psychopathology that warps their minds
as farm animals to be slaughtered at will.
And they've even taught the Americans, as well as their British, French and German allies, to defecate on the corpses
they create on a daily basis.

There is a simple answer as to why Jewish crimes around the world don't receive the publicity they deserve.
It's because Jews own 100 percent of the world's media, including many websites you wouldn't think they own.
Jewish Americans tried to kindle World War 3 with the blatant subversion of the Ukraine, where they spent $5 billion
and inserted Jewish henchmen in the key positions of power, where they immediately began murdering residents
of the Eastern Ukraine who spoke Russian.

I don't really know why Russia's Vladimir Putin didn't take action then, since Ukraine had long been a part of Russia before
the Jews got hold of it. In any case now the Jews have a hold on it again, literally grabbing Russia by the testicles.
And Russia did nothing about it. That (and other reasons) is why I have been suspicious of Putin, and think (sometimes!)
that he is merely in a choreographed dance with Obama, but that they both serve the same paymaster, who is located
in the City of London and controls everybody's paycheck in the whole world.

It seems as though Putin has emerged victorious in the Syria scam, but who knows? Nothing is really resolved.
Since Russia seemed to grab so much control over the situation, it has triggered an idea that if Russia would
just go ahead and blow Tel Aviv off the map and reduce all those war mongering Israelis to ashes, the world would be
much better off.

I only know Putin has taken a lot more crap than I would have if the world's bully was constantly abusing my country.
Bullies don't stop unless they are punched in the mouth convincingly. Which is what the United States, its overlord Israel,
and all the NATO stooges need to happen to them.
I know a lot of people all over the world who sincerely wish that would happen. It would make the lives of people
all over the world a lot simpler, and probably make those lives a lot longer, too.

I'm sure the residents of Germany, Sweden and all the other beleaguered European countries feel the same way as filthy,
savage and uncivilized foreigners stream into their countries like so much human sewage, ruining futures, raping children,
and worshiping Allah, while corrupt leaders say immigration is needed and miscegenation is good, and longtime residents
shake their heads and wonder why all these elected pimps would be trying so hard to destroy their own countries.
Israel uses its vassal states like the United States, England, France or, especially in the case of Yemen, Saudi Arabia,
to do its dirty work.

At home, the Jews have merely specialized for more than a half century in slaughtering defenseless Palestinians.
But all over the rest of the world, they buy off venal politicians to do their killing for them. And there is no more vivid example
of this than in the United States.
Is it 74 wars we are now fighting?
Or is it 134?

But it isn't just evil political aggression that makes Jews such a threat to the survival of humanity.
Perhaps even more lethal than their manipulation of the world's military forces in the Frankensteinian control they have
over the world's medical profession, which is the real reason why many pollsters report that following your doctor's orders
is the leading cause of death in the United States
Then there is the matter of the food we are expected to eat, and the revelation that everything you can buy in a typical
supermarket is injurious to your health.
You don't have to guess who controls America's food distribution network.

Then there is the matter of free speech, which Jews control through their dominance of worldwide media, entertainment
and universities, which guarantees only their side of the story reaches the majority of people around the world.
<You can't find a good link on this on Google because Google is utterly Jewish and that is a secret they keep.>

And today's universities are utterly Jewish bastions of homosexuality and perversion so that the generations to come
will have a much harder time detoxifying the false history they are being fed that totally rewrites the script into a paean
of Jewish triumph over those who believed in God, the family, Mother Nature and love.

As we speak two innocent people who have only tried in their modest ways to inform the unsuspecting populations
of their respective countries about the lies the Jews have told and the many ways they have manipulated the histories
we have come to accept as authentic are both headed for jail because they have been tried in Jewish courts and been found
guilty of defaming those who claim to be the world's chosen people.

At this moment, 87-year-old Ursula Haverbeck of Germany and 68-year-old Arthur Topham of British Columbia are preparing
to go to jail because they have told the truth about the Jewish lies of World War II and how no one was actually gassed.
And for telling the truth about Jewish in a world controlled by Jews you get to go to jail.

Tell the truth and go to jail in a world made insane by Jewish lies. You will have to fight to stop this madness,
and if you don't, there is zero hope for your future.

If we get to live at all, we're all going to become mindless slaves in a Jewish prison if we don't fight for the freedom
we say we want. And that fight totally depends on neutralizing the Jews, on expelling them from civilized society,
and most importantly, on understanding how they trick us into killing each other over arguments they create,
into doing their dirty work for them, into turning society into an abattoir of abuse and betrayal.

Until we take those Jewish statements that they are the world's chosen people and jam them down the throats of every Jew
on this planet, the world will never know peace. And we will have no future in which we are truly in control of our own destiny.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves,
and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers,
please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. ...

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