'Of the four million Jews under Nazi control in WW2, six million died and alas only five million survived.'


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Copy of the letter I send to a D.Lipstadt.
In case it will not be published on her blog:)

Jerzy Ulicki-Rek


Dear Madame
My name is Jerzy Ulicki-Rek and I'm 56 years old Polish-Australian.
After studying the "holocaust' for almost 25 years I do not have ANY doubts
that the official version (6 millions,gas chambers,electric chambers,vacuum
chambers etc0 is nothing else but a pile of lies.
looking for the new informations I forced myself to read a book "Denying the
holocaust' written by You.

The number of lies you produced between the covers is fantastic.
Some of them (as I stated in e letter to the university which pays you
wages) are absolutely fantastic and even the very official Museum in
Oswiecim is very reluctant to confirm you words:)
In fact they refuse to comment on your revelations :)To refute all the lies
will take a long time and maybe another book.
Now only one of you creations:

On the page 115 you wrote:

"Harwood contended that the report made "nonsense" of the allegation that
there were "gas chambers' cunningly disguised as shower facilities".
He substantiated this assertion by quoting a passage from the report (IRC
report published in 1948-Jerzy) that depicted how ICRC officials inspected
baths and showers in the camps.
When they found problems they acted swiftly "to have fixtures made less
primitive and to have them repaired or enlarged".
This Harwood argued ,demonstrated conclusively that showers functioned as
showers ,however primitive,and not as killing apparatus.
The problem with Harwood choice of this citation ,which he quoted correctly
End cite.

No Madame.
You are presenting us with another lie.

I am VERY familiar with the IRC report.
Those words are in relation to a concentration camp.
Please do not insult me any more.

Jerzy Ulicki-Rek
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Re: Memory-"M"=Emory

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Dear Jerzy,

Do you have access to the Red Cross report? Or do you have contact to anybody who has the original?

The only source I can point to is the quotation in “Did 6 Million really die?”. Friends of mine have tried to get the original from the ICRC archive but did not succeed. The German branch of the Red Cross has distributed a sort of report with a similar title (in German) but the contents is obviously quite the contrary of the report of 1948.

There are reports to be taken seriously that it was Canaris who suggested and put through both the Judenstern and the deportation to camps.

Goebbels, Ribbentrop and the elite of the Third Reich strictly opposed this suggestion, but Canaris insisted with “security” claims.

As you probably know, Canaris was a very dangerous traitor to his land and caused the unfortunate outcome of the war. He was chief of the “Abwehr”, the German intelligence service. As such he had close contact with international organizations and foreign individuals. He was an agent of the British secret service.

He was wellknown for his friendship towards Jews, so everybody was rightfully astonished that he suggested such hard measures.
The meaning of all that might be that the Zionists among the German Jews, who were a tiny minority in those days, were in fear of assimilation. They considered this to be the greatest danger for their Palestine project. And indeed the German Jews were wealthy, had intelligence jobs, had fought bravely in WWI and many of them were outright German national. The Zionists needed and favoured discrimination! They welcomed the Nürnberger Gesetze! They even tried to get the Germans to use stricter measures. The president of the German Zionist organization a certain bank director Karesky, was official consultant of the German government in all issues touching Jewish interests. And it was this group that succeeded to reach the transfer agreement, the camps everywhere in Germany where under Jewish leadership those Jews ready to emigrate to Palestine, were trained in techniques of agriculture and handicraft. In Iraq the Zionists met a similar situation. Assimilation was the greatest danger. There it is proven that Israel did not hesitate to let bombs thrown and have the Iraqi government to imply discrimination laws against the Jewish minority. There is a valuable analysis by Ingeborg Wecker about the whereabouts of the “Reichskristallnacht”. Everything points to the very same scheme: The Zionists wanted discriminations, even cruelties against the minority to further the emigration to Palestine.


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Re: Memory-"M"=Emory

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IRC Report 1 September 1939-30 June 1947

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