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The Israelite leader Israel Joseph Benjamin, Chacham of Israel after his visit to China at the middle of last century, says in his report on Chinese clandestine Judaism, presented to the western Israelite leaders, that in one epoch the Chinese Jews mixed themselves with the population of the Mongolic race through mixed marriages:
"They keep their faith with the characteristic tenacity distinguishing the Hebrew race, they even now do not marry but women of their same religion"

"During the war among Tartar and Chinese peoples, apart of them moved to the Che Kiang province, neighboring that in which our city is located, and became established in KangTchou, a city I intend to visit, and the other partis in Arnoy in the Fo-Kienprovir.
There are emigrants also in Peking and throughout China".

After this, the laborious Chacham referring to what a German Jewish magazine said, talks about a group of Chinese Jews that:
"Only one had a real Jewish type, but except for the religion and circumcision, they are completely converted into Chinese by their language, dressing, customs, and habits, they also have Chinese names...
It is said that Jews came to China from the north-western part of India by about the third century after Christ; they first remained secretly in Ning hia, Hantcheou and Peking, and later became established in Kai-fung-foo".

A dangerous fifth column of secret Jews had entered China, who as a result of their total adaptation through the centuries, to the racial and social characteristics of the Chinese people are now dangerously confounded and diluted in the population of that country.
It should be noted that although the Israelites of the former celestial Empire are considered among the most mixed with the indigenous race, since the last century they have
kept the rigid custom of marrying only among themselves, and the above mentioned Hebrew leader says that they have kept their faith "with the characteristic tenacity that
distinguishes the Hebrew race".

The historian of the Chinese Jews, Alexandre Wyllie, in his valuable book called ‘Investigations on the Existence of Jews in China, since the Most Ancient Times to These
Days’, notes that the existence of the Jews was hidden for the majority, but that, nevertheless, "some accidental observations in Marco Polo's trips, show that Jews were
sufficient enough to be able to exert political influence in China and Tartaria".
It is natural that a clandestine Judaism as secret as the one functioning in China for the last eighteen hundred years, was not easy for Marco Polo to identify, but the clandestine Jews who themselves know the problem very well, can identify its existence better than any one else, through Marco Polo's reports in his writings.

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