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Australia, oh Australia

Postprzez yoshin » Śr gru 30, 2015 5:51 am

Australia, oh Australia where are you? (not in a geographical sense)
How can Australia possibly be a sovereign and independent nation when we still use
a British Act of their Parliament as our Constitution?

The Australia Act, just like the Westminster Act are both ultra vires - both tried to
significantly change the Constitutional status of Australia in relation to the UK,
and both had to be approved at a nation wide referendum before they could become legitimate.
That did not happen, hence we are, in proper legal terms, a Dominion of the UK.
And how come the UK declared Australians as aliens in 1975 but it took the High Court of Australia
to declare, quite illegally, that the UK was a foreign country. That decision was a purely
political decision and outside of the jurisdiction of the Court - only parliament has the power
to decide which countries are foreign and which are not. Obviously, Parliament has never seen fit
to demand the UK Parliament repeal their Constitutional Act that ties us to Britain's apron strings,
hence, the UK cannot be a foreign country.
BUT – when we talk about the Australian Parliament, which one do we mean? There happens to be
two Parliaments now in Australia, one that makes the laws for the Australian Government, which is
a Corporation registered with the Securities Exchange Commission in Washington, USA , and the actual
non-functioning Parliament that is set up in the British Act as the Parliament of the Commonwealth
of Australia to form the Commonwealth Government.
These two Government function under different Coats of Arms, on being an American Corporation,
which includes all the federal Courts and all the Federal Government Departments.
The other Government is a child of the British Parliament and kowtows to the Queen of England.

I am not aware of any referendum asking the people of Australia if they wanted their nation to become
a corporation of the USA, are you?
And on the issue of Referendums, it is a fact that every referendum we have had in Australia
since 1906 has been unconstitutional. Section 128 repeats the demand 8 times in this one Section
that “the proposed law” has to be presented to the people at the referendum – not once in
the 44 occasions the people have been asked to decide has “the proposed law” ever been presented.
And there is none of the 29 perennial loophole in this Section 128 that allows,
“until Parliament otherwise provides” and change the Constitution without having to go to the people. ... s-then-why

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Powrót do . Dear fellow Australians

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