The desperate search for Guy Montag

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The desperate search for Guy Montag

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. . . among indifferent and alienated dupes oblivious to their own impending demise
By John Kaminski

Guy Montag, Guy Montag, you think, tapping your fingers on your desk. Where have we heard that name before?
Suddenly you remember.

He was the conflicted hero in arguably the most famous science fiction story of all time, something almost everybody
in America read in school, and marveled over its frightful foresight. Guy Montag was the enigmatic fireman who
burned outlawed books in Ray Bradbury's epic novel Fahrenheit 451.
One day a woman chose to die with her books. But before she immolated herself, Guy stole a book from her to try
to learn why she should do such a thing. Then Guy started smuggling books home. His suicidal wife turned him in
to the authorities. When they came to burn down HIS house, Guy turned on his chief, sprayed him with fire,
and burned him to a crisp. Following that, Guy escaped and lived with the impoverished intellectual hobos,
with the hopeful aim of restoring sanity to a deranged society.

In a series of ironic twists years after it was written, small minded school boards tried to ban Fahrenheit 451
without ever realizing they were unwittingly mimicking the book's plot — destroying books society has been persuaded
not to read because their thoughts were too dangerous.

Bradbury's narrative describes how Montag gradually began to doubt his mission after he saw how important books
were to people willing to die rather than give them up, and his brittle life crumbled around him. When the book's hero
changed his mind about books and what he should be doing to them, he brought the power of the totalitarian state
down upon him, before escaping into the shadows and yearning for revolution.

Bradbury never mentioned how that revolution turned out, but the future has revealed an uncanny twist in what
the famous science fiction author wrote and the way reality has turned out.
Firemen are supposed to put fires out, but Bradbury's firemen burned books the government deemed illegal.
This is how our future has progressed; what was once the truth is now a lie. Suddenly, forces once thought necessary
and beneficial have now turned into their opposite — a destructive menace.

Think cops killing people's pets while trying to bust somebody at the wrong address. Or a woman pulled over
for not signaling a lane change winds up a few hours later supposedly hanging herself in the cell of a local jail.

Politicians and presidents preach for peace yet incinerate defenseless foreign countries while insisting they are
killing innocent people to preserve freedom. It's the modern variation of the old Vietnam proverb: We had to destroy
the village in order to save it.

What is the shocking reversal dominating society today? It should be obvious to you. It's the false flag syndrome,
in which the government creates disasters that it then cleans up and boasts how efficiently and vigilantly
it has protected the population. The list of FBI provocations reveals there would be practically no crime at all
if not for the sadistic schemes like Oklahoma City and 9/11 that our government cooks up.

Firemen who burn things rather than extinguish them are exactly the opposite of the way things should work
in a normal world. Most of us know by now the world is nowhere near normal.
Instead of trying to protect us, the police are killing us in record numbers, and then refusing to say how many
they've killed, or why.

Today, judges ostensibly profess to protect the rights of individuals but consistently rule in favor of big businesses
that demolish these very rights. Instead of seeking justice in courts, the judges and the lawyers are deciding
how they can fleece and convict us to fulfill the contracts they have with the private prison corporations
to keep the jails full.

And as we have seen most recently in Oregon, the government wants to put us in jail in order to take our land
because that land contains valuable minerals that our bellicose bigwigs want to sell to the very corporations
that provide the campaign finances that keep them in office. As long as the Hammonds are in jail,
we are all incarcerated.

I think the thing that got me thinking about this reversal of intent was the discovery that bodies supposedly
massacred in a Paris nightclub turned out to be dummies, mannikins, planted by the spinmeisters who arranged
the whole hoax to convince the public that the bloody stunt really happened.

This kind of ridiculous effort on the part of the authorities fits right in with the Sandy Hook school affair, in which
children were claimed to have been killed but no bodies were ever reported being seen by local hospitals.
<> It was a prima facie example of the cops who are supposedly
assigned to protect us preventing us from knowing about the truth of a major crime.

The Boston Marathon bombing was another government sponsored charade, with one designated patsy murdered
in the streets by police and his brother sentenced to die by a kangaroo court without ever being allowed
to speak candidly. <>

The conspiracy conducting this long-running political campaign to get people to give up their guns is insidious
and seemingly inextinguishable, despite the fact that it only increases gun sales. It includes the entire
Jewish controlled media, of course, and journalists and cops at every level willing to participate in scams
for which, in the specific case of Sandy Hook, they are sometimes paid millions of dollars for their participation
in the charade. <>

Why does the government want us to give up our guns? To put us all in prison and to take everything we own
before eventually taking our lives. The process is well underway, as the Hammond family of Oregon knows so well.
Ammon Bundy's supporters bivouacked in a nearby forest know it, too, and despite the media slander that calls them
vigilantes are really defending the rest of us from a future nobody really wants to see — total government control
of every aspect of our lives.

The heroes who try to reveal government criminality — Edward Snowden, Michael Hastings, Julian Assange, Bill Cooper —
are constantly killed or jailed by those who resent their lucrative criminal schemes being exposed.
The doctors who try to circumvent the poisonous medicines of Big Pharma — James Bradstreet, Theresa Sievers,
Nicholas Gonzalez— are suicided by those who want to continue to poison their patients and deny life saving techniques
and medicines from people who really need them.

But what sticks in my mind is the similarity between Bradbury's descriptive prediction of firemen doing exactly
the opposite of what they were supposed to be doing — putting out fires instead of lighting them — and the behavior
of the U.S. military monster today, murdering innocents for totally false reasons, and the intelligence community
creating phony terrorist incidents and then prosecuting and convicting innocent patsies to make government agents
look good when in reality they are criminals.

As deranged firemen scorched neighborhoods as well as the minds of would be intellects oppressed by their governments,
so our military and police today do exactly the opposite of what they have been charged to do — preserve our safety
and defend our freedoms.

Instead they intimidate the majority into silence and leave them cringing in silence while secretly hoping to avoid
the fickle finger of fate and a violent SWAT team crashing through their front door even though it is the wrong address.
This is not to say there aren't heroic individuals in the U.S. military. This would account for all the generals the last
few presidents have fired for counseling common sense rather the following homicidal orders.

And now happening in Oregon, quasi government agencies of questionable authenticity steal land from legitimate farmers,
throw them in jail, and the dumbfounded population stands around with their mouths open, criticizing those who
would save farmers from being hoodwinked out of their land and homes by corrupt judges in kangaroo courts. <>

The potential course of the future now depends on the resolve of a small group of patriots gathered in a cold forest
sorely lacking in support from the general population. It is no exaggeration to predict that whatever happens to them
will happen to the rest of us.
The Jews who run our country are never going to listen to reason and suddenly strive to behave in a reasonable
and rational manner. They are going to keep stealing and killing until they are stopped.
The shooting has to start somewhere. Burns, Oregon might be a sensible place to begin.

But the vast majority of Americans don't want to be bothered with matters of justice. Even as their privately owned land
disappears, stolen by the government, they don't think these issues will affect them. They just sit home and watch TV
and wonder what they'll do when the ATMs stop working and the banks all close.

At exactly the time we need more people to behave like Guy Montag and stop this slide into insanity when truth is
what our voracious government says it is, and justice cannot intrude into the consciousness of a citizenry intent
on watching TV and texting their friends, we observe an unprecedented turning away from what needs to be done
to survive, and misplaced intent leading to the widespread destruction of our species and every other species as well.

Sorry to have to tell you again, but those who sleep now will be the first ones to die in the very near future.
Our criminal, Jew-run government must be disenfranchised, detoxified and, where appropriate, disemboweled
as soon as possible.
If you must pick a day to start fighting back, today might just be the best choice of all.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are
destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent
on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail:
6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA. ...

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