Climate claims a victory in the culture wars

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Climate claims a victory in the culture wars

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Re: Climate claims a victory in the culture wars. Inside Story, 17/12/15
Professor John Quiggin,
University of Queensland

Might I respectfully suggest that it is nonsense to claim that attempts to resolve issues related
to climate science are in some sense a ‘culture war’. Uncertainties about the presumption that
there is a simple / predictable link between CO2 emissions and climate change remain very real and significant
(eg see Finding the Truth on Climate Change, 2007+ and The Science is Uncertain 2006+).

At the recent Paris conference, the world’s political leaders all decided to ignore the uncertainties
about climate science – and commit to doing what would need to be done if mainstream theories are correct.
However, as numerous commentators have pointed out, the reality of what resulted seems to be much less
than the politicians suggested would be needed if mainstream climate science is actually correct. For example:

· The actually agreed reductions in global CO2 emissions were seen to be trivial compared with what
would be needed to limit temperature rises to 2 C (see Lomborg B., Paris Treaty will not reduce CO2,
but Bill Gates’ green energy fund is a positive move, The Australian, 13/12/15);

· More rhetoric than substance has been seen to be involved in what was agreed in Paris
(eg see Orchison K., The Paris Climate Deal’s Smoke and Mirrors’, Climate Spectator, 14/12/15); and

· Environmental activist see the Paris agreement as merely a continuance of 20 years of ineffectual policies
to deal with climate change (Pearse R., Climate justice and an end to fossil fuels: the Paris agreement
won’t satisfy activists , The Conversation, 14/12/15).

The uncertainty that remains about what is actually needed can only be resolved by taking seriously
the concerns of the increasingly numerous and prominent scientists who are pointing out that there are
problems with the theories that were taken as gospel in Paris. Those uncertainties can’t be resolved,
as your article claimed, by asserting that the issue simply comes down to a ‘culture war’.
Australia still has the potential to make a major global difference by initiating action to resolve
those scientific uncertainties
(eg as suggested in Malcolm Turnbull's Opportunity to End the Climate Change 'Culture War':
Commission a Serious Review of Believer's Climate Science).

John Craig

Centre for Policy and Development Systems
CPDS supported leaders developing enterprise, economic, community and governance systems
Visit CPDS website - which addressed local and global issues from the perspective of Queensland, an Australian state

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